Bring On the Magic

Frequently, when I am designing a visual, I have a goal of creating a complex, yet enticing image.  I want a feeling of texture, richness, magic, or all of these.  Because, this echos real life and compels the viewer to stop and look.

This process is true whether the piece is for college media or any other.

Too often, it seems many of the visuals on college web sites and printed pieces run from the expected smiling student group to the truly lacking images that suffer from multiple problems.  I know there must be a certain amount of student shots as well as faculty and staff.  But to keep viewers interested and from going completely numb, how about mixing-in some more interesting visuals?

I recently put together a promotional piece for the back of our summer class schedule.  Here, at Mt. SAC, we try to periodically highlight the accomplishments of students and faculty.  Two of our music professors are outstanding and their choral groups have won numerous awards nationally and internationally.

Since, as teachers and conductors, they must somehow literally ‘pull’ magic out of their students, I had this idea that my visual must have a feeling of magic.

I’d love to hear some feedback and for others to post pieces you feel worked out particularly well.